This PREMIUM service will allow you to sample the various valley resorts, even when not directly connected, without ever having to use your own car!

Every day, depending on the weather and snow conditions, WEAL will place a private shuttle at your disposal for swift, comfortable travel to the nearby resorts, always seeking the best conditions.

The shuttle is available for small groups, which will always be supplemented by a WEAL escort.

The shuttle destinations will be defined on a day-by-day basis according to the weather, your skill level and your choices. Every afternoon, the next day’s program will be communicated and confirmed depending on a minimum number of takers.

In general, the shuttle will require a minimum passenger count of four people.

Here, too, WEAL offers you a palette of choices for the escort: from just a “driver” (if you prefer to spend the day by yourself, exploring each new resort), to a coach (who will be able to teach and counsel you throughout the day), to a mountain guide (for memorable days in the valley’s most awesome nooks and crannies).

If the shuttle is not included in your WEAL PACK, the tariff will vary depending on the escort and number of people aboard.

You can find some examples of shuttle tours below:

Monginevro – 30 min – first resort beyond the border, has often different weather and snow conditions as compared to Italy.

Val Thorens – 1 hour – the largest ski resort in the world, one hour out of Bardonecchia!

Punta Clotes – 30 min – average difficulty tour, very suggestive. 20 min by car, then from one to three hours climb

Vars – 1,5 hours – several snowparks for all skill levels