An experience in BACKCOUNTRY is always unforgettable and always among the best days on the snow! The territory available is immense, the district of the Via Lattea lends itself very much to unknown valleys without plants and virgin forests, easily accessible. The FREERIDE can be for all levels, from the first curve in fresh to grooves with extreme slopes. Everything is always safe.

WEAL is able to make you these experiences with the best guides and the best equipment through the best partners and our test centers!

The SPLITBOARD is becoming increasingly popular, thanks to the new generation equipment, much lighter and easier to use. With the skins you can reach all the surrounding peaks or simply get lost in the woods for a few hours of quiet, away from all the noises, if not those of nature. Val Susa offers itineraries for all levels and capacities. 

Our instructors will not only control your gait, but will introduce you to this wonderful world, teaching you the basic notions of safety, avalanche prevention, reading of the snow cover and the use of the base material (shovel, ARTVA, probe ).

We take care of the organization of an experience that remains in the heart of all, whether it is the first time or for the most experienced. They are all welcome for this experience !!!

SPLIT DAYS offer the unique possibility of safely discovering another side of the mountain and learning the use of the SPLITBOARD without problems, guided by local experts of the territory and the mountains in general. In Sestriere they are now a tradition! This year the first event will be organized on November 17 and 18 with the 8th edition of I LOVE SPLIT: here you will find a tribe of riders who, with skins or snowshoes, will rise in various directions and then converge towards the mountain of Banchetta in the direction del Raggio di Sole, a well-known refuge located in a sunny valley sheltered from the wind. After a hearty lunch and maybe a further ascent, the participants can choose to rest quietly at the Weal chalet, or spend the night in a tent, to be mounted near the Raggio di Sole shelter, which will guarantee peace and security, to live an experience only.