The upper Val Susa is extremely rich and interesting from both a geographic and historic point of view.

Discover with us the quieter side of winter, through snow-covered paths amidst woods and valleys, far from the skiing districts, with a rich and varied flora and wildlife to be discovered.

We offer several fun ways of exploring our most hidden valleys:

  • Climbing skins and alpine touring skis: these are becoming more and more popular, thanks to the new generation equipment, much lighter and easy to use. Using climbing skins, all nearby peaks are reachable, or one can lose himself in the woods for some quiet hours, far from the madding crowd and all noises except Nature’s. Val Susa offers slopes for all levels and capabilities. And as regards the equipment, we will give you an expert advice with our Test Center and our affiliated partners.
  • Snow-shoes and nordic walking, for easy-going, not overly difficult strolls. WEAL organizes Nordic Walking tours with snow-shoes looking for well-being, health and having fun. All-rounded sport, easy to practice. Ideal to get to know the noises, the lights and shadows, and the grandiose views that mountains offer.
  • Horse (ONLY in Bardonecchia), on splendid animals, starting from the Stretta Valley horse center, through snow-covered trails that may also skirt the borders towards the splendid Nevache and Val Claree.
  • Snowbike: more and more often bicycles are becoming a winter hiking transport of choice; be they normal FAT BIKES or equipped with electric motors, these vehicles are ideal to get around in winter as well as in summer.
  • Snowmobiles (ONLY in Sestriere): you’ll be able to fully experience new emotions riding powerful and safe snowmobiles. We offer two alternatives based on your needs and experience: a fully equipped track, or excursions, even in groups, to the most secluded valleys of the area. Always with rigorous care for safety and accompanied by qualified, experienced personnel.
  • Dog sleds (in Sestriere): Gliding on the snow in sleds pulled by splendid dogs will give you some hours of sincere, deep emotions together with the oldest, best friend of Man – the dog!
    A professional instructor will accompany you on a fantastic tour, illustrating the simple, basic commands you will need to guide a sled by yourself, in total safety and autonomy.